Bioplastic rapstrap i-Tie

biodegradable starch-polyester blend

The Biodegradable Cable Tie Alternative

Our Bioplastic rapstraps are a new introduction for 2022. They make use of a biodegradable material based on a proprietary blend of starch and polyesters - such as adipates, succinates & sebacates. It does not contain PLA and is considered ultimately biodegradable in most environments.

We are currently supplying a 270mm long version of this product, but expect to be mass-producing a longer 500mm strap by late 2023. Using our unique waste-reducing design, this longer i-Tie will be even more versatile & efficient that our previous versions, and will provide up to 6 ties per strip with minimal wastage.

The first prototypes were produced in late 2021 and have now been tested in real-world conditions for over a year. The gallery below shows our initial findings based on shallow burial in topsoil, and in a small home compost bin.