Rapstrap Classic

how to fit it, remove it, and get creative with it

How It Works

The rapstrap Classic is a versatile self-terminating tie strip with external latching. 

"Self-terminating" means that every time you cut the end off, the remaining section becomes a new tie. So instead of just being a single-use item, rapstrap can provide several ties from a single strap.

"External latching" means the ties are secured by latches along the edges, and this permits a symmetrically flat 2D design. As a result, rapstrap Classic can be threaded from either side, and this allows for more creative tying options than is possible with other ties.

Another benefit of the external latches is the cellular design, which we then combined with a soft elastomeric TPU material. This combination makes rapstrap Classic easy to stretch by over 50%, leading to a much better choice for tying up delicate or deformable items.

Versatile tying with a rapstrap Classic
Some Installation Tips:

  • To maximise efficiency and get several ties from each strap, always make the largest loop possible and fit "end-to-end".
  • If you need to release your tie, leave one or more free cells at the end. This "tab" helps with rethreading.
  • To undo a rapstrap classic, re-insert the tongue through the same latching cell to unpick the tie.
  • Classic rapstraps can also be left in a semi-released state. Just pull undone when required.