Product & Material Datasheets

the following datasheets are available to download

Product Specifications

1030 rapstrap datasheets

1030 Classic

0527 rapstrap i-Tie datasheets

0527 i-Tie

0627 rapstrap i-Tie datasheets

0627 i-Tie

0615 biodegradable PCL rapstrap cable tie datasheets

0615  PCL Cable Tie

0830 biodegradable PCL rapstrap cable tie datasheets

0830 PCL Cable Tie

Material Datasheets

Standard TPU datasheet

Standard Polyurethane 

Soft (92A) thermoplastic polyurethane used to manufacture standard rapstrap 1030 classic, 0627 i-Tie, and HD 2540 tree ties.

UL94 V2 TPU datasheet

UL94 V2 Polyurethane

Soft halogen-free TPU (87A) used for fire retardant rapstrap 0627 i-Ties. Rated to UL94-V2 at 2mm & UL94-V0 at 6mm.

Biodegradable PCL datasheet


One of the best biodegradable aliphatic polyesters available. Used to manufacture rapstrap's range of PCL cable ties.

Nylon 11 datasheet

Nylon 11

Used to manufacture UV-resistant i-Ties for long duration outdoor applications. These products are currently in development.

Water soluble and biodegradable PVOH guide

Poly Vinyl Alcohol

Used to manufacture biodegradable & water soluble i-Ties for rapid disposal. These products are currently in development.

For interested readers, a great deal of additional technical information about Poly Vinyl Alcohol can be found in the Kuraray Poval Physical Properties Guide.
(Kuraray (formerly Kurashiki Rayon) were primarily responsible for the development of PVOH during the late 1940s.)