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Rapstrap i-Tie

how to fit it, remove it, and use it again

How It Works

The rapstrap i-Tie is a reusable self-terminating tie strip with internal latching.

"Self-terminating" means that every time you cut the end off, the remaining section becomes a new tie. So instead of just being a single-use item, rapstrap can provide several ties from a single strap.

"Internal latching" means the ties are secured by latches along the top of the strap. This creates an asymmetric design, which like a conventional cable tie, can only be fitted from the underside.

The i-Tie design also features longitudinal side rails, which results in a slimmer and much firmer tie strip. Our standard polyurethane versions afford enough residual elasticity to tension the straps as required, and this can be adjusted by changing the material. These rapstraps are nominally rated at 12kg loading when fitted.

A unique feature of the i-Tie is its rapid releasability. By leaving a small portion at the end when fitting, rapstrap i-Ties can be removed in an instant - simply pull this end tab and off it comes! This makes the i-Tie perfect for temporary applications.

releasable tying with a rapstrap i-Tie

Some Installation Tips:

  • To maximise the efficiency of the i-Tie and get several ties from each strap, always make the largest loop possible.
  • If you need to release your tie, leave a small tab portion at the end.
  • To undo a rapstrap i-Tie, simply pull this tab for quick release.