Rapstrap Products

rapstrap alternatives to conventional cable ties

Whether you're looking for a tie that will cushion and protect, or one that can help manage your waste stream, rapstrap offers a unique range of advanced solutions. All our ties are designed to minimise their impact on the environment, and we're committed to providing a growing selection of better alternatives to traditional single use products.

Key Features:

  • uniquely soft, flexible and elasticated designs
  • each strap reduces waste by providing several ties
  • rapstraps are fully releasable & reusable if required
  • renewable, recycled and biodegradable options available
  • industrial, heavy-duty and custom versions on request

rapstrap Classic cable tie strips


soft & elasticated

The original waste-reducing rapstrap! Made using a premium soft & flexible elastomer, these ties offer up to 50% stretch and will safely cushion & protect delicate items.

rapstrap i-Tie cable tie strips


super quick release

Available in a choice of materials, this range of tie strips are strong & secure, yet easy to remove and reuse. They're ideal for temporary or releasable applications.

Sustainable biopolymer rapstraps


renewable & recycled

Offering greener ways to manage your tying requirements, these rapstraps have been developed to use upcycled waste plastics and renewable resource bio-materials.

Biodegradable bioplastic rapstraps


& quick disposal ties

A new range of tie strips made using water soluble and biodegradable materials. Bioplastic rapstraps are stable above ground, but degradable in soil & compost.

Special purpose and custom rapstrap


& industrial products

We can also provide a variety of bespoke solutions for industrial & commercial applications. These include heavy duty, fire retardant, and X-ray & metal detectable rapstraps.