Andy Harsley

Rapstrap History

In 2004, Andy Harsley developed the rapstrap. His aim was to create a new waste-free alternative to conventional nylon cable ties using a flexible polyurethane elastomer. The resulting product caught on, and rapstraps are now used all around the world.

In April 2008, Andy was invited to demonstrate the rapstrap to five of the UK's leading entrepreneurs on the BBC TV show "Dragons' Den". The rapstrap impressed the panel, and secured the assistance of multi-millionaire Dragons Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan, together with a new business partner – Peter Moule from their earlier “Chocbox” investment.

As uses for the rapstrap have grown over the years, Andy has continued to create many custom versions for specific applications. The most commonly used rapstraps are listed in the products section, but we are always ready to discuss specific requirements and bespoke variants.

Our core ambition remains the same: to provide more efficient tying solutions that generate less waste and result in a lower environmental impact.