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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

rapstrap does all three

400 million tonnes of plastic
are produced each year

8 million tonnes of plastic
ends up in the oceans

billions of single-use cable ties
are discarded and not recycled

so we produce ties that are...

Waste-reducing rapstrap tie strips

Waste Reducing

In an effort to prevent waste, rapstrap make a range of innovative tie strips that provide an alternative to the conventional nylon cable tie. Our core products are the rapstrap Classic (as seen on Dragons' Den) and the rapstrap i-Tie, both of which feature a "self-terminating" design.

This means these straps automatically fit to size, so you only use what you need. After each use, the remaining strap can be simply removed and used for more ties. Just tie it, cut it, and tie it again!

Depending on size of application, a single rapstrap can replace up to 5 standard cable ties.

Quick-releasable rapstrap i-Tie

Releasable & Reusable

We also like to make our products reusable wherever possible. All our Classic and i-Tie rapstraps can be removed and reused if desired, as can our range of tree ties and our 0615 PCL cable ties.

The rapstrap i-Tie is particularly suitable for temporary fastenings as it features a unique quick-release system. Just pull the end and off it comes! You can then reuse it again & again.

Rapstrap is definitely NOT a single-use item!

Rapstraps are made from recycled material


All of our standard polyurethane rapstraps contain at least 30% reclaimed material.

We can also offer 100% recycled versions of some of our products using recycled PVC taken from cable & wire sleevings. (A lot of this material would normally go to landfill.)

This is particularly important for our larger tie strips, which necessarily use more material. Typically we formulate a compound containing up to 75% recycled PVC which is mixed with recycled polyurethane to impart a degree of resilience and elasticity.

Note: Due to recycling limitations, this material is currently only available in black.

Biodegradable rapstrap cable ties


It's estimated that up to half a trillion cable ties are used each year. (The UK's postal services alone use around 100 million - just for tying up mail sacks!) Although many consumers are careful to dispose of their waste properly, many ties still end up as litter.

To address this problem, rapstrap have introduced an alternative - the polycaprolactone cable tie. These work the same way as standard cable ties, but they make use of a highly unusual polymer that's known to biodegrade in many environments, even at low temperatures.

We also produce versions of our waste-reducing rapstrap i-Tie using biodegradable "poly vinyl alcohol" (PVOH). This material literally melts away when it rains!

Post-consumer recycling of Rapstrap


Where facilities exist, our polyurethane rapstraps may be disposed off for further recycling along with general PVC products, such as old cables, plumbing parts or vinyl flooring. (But please check with your recycler first!)

Alternatively, volume users of rapstrap products can collect and return any off-cuts, runners or used straps directly to us for recycling.

Please note that biodegradable plastic items should not be sent for recycling as they contaminate the waste-stream. Such items should only be disposed of in landfill or at a managed composting facility.