Sustainable Rapstraps

recycled & renewable-resource options

i-Tie Sustainable Range

In addition to our unique waste-reducing design, rapstrap can also offer other ways to help reduce environmental concerns.

We can provide a few alternatives where biodegradable ties are required, and we manufacture our products to make use of renewable and recycled resources wherever possible. Out Bioplast i-Ties are currently made using approximately 30% renewable-resource starch, and we are working to increase this percentage in the future.

A substantially recycled rapstrap is also available if required (subject to MOQs). This product is made using up to 70% reclaimed cable sleeving, a low quality waste material generated by the cable & wire recycling industry. Once reprocessed and compounded with a little polyurethane to improve its properties, the resulting rapstraps look and feel very similar to our standard range. Due to the high PVC content of the source material, these recycled rapstraps are also more suitable for outdoor applications than our standard polyurethane versions.

A higher-strength nylon 11 rapstrap has also been produced from fully renewable castor bean oil. However, this is an expensive material and although bio-based, it is not biodegradable. It does have good UV-stability, and is commonly used for cables ties intended for long-term outdoor use.

biodegradable rapstrap i-tie

0627 - Bioplastic

6mm x 270mm
Polyester / Starch (30% renewable)
natural (beige/brown)
8kg max load
supplied in tear-off sheets of 5

70% recycled rapstrap i-Tie

0627 - Recycled

5.8mm x 270mm
TPU/PVC blend (70% recycled)
black only
48 cells
10kg max load
trade bags of 48
supplied in tear-off sheets of 12
(NB: This is a non-stock item and made on order)

Rapstrap i-Tie nylon 11 - UV resistant

0727 - UV Resistant

7mm x 270mm
polyamide 11 (PA11)
100% renewable resource bioplastic
black UV resistant
15kg max load