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Rapstrap Tree Ties

low maintenance alternatives for tree growing

Tree Tie Product Range

To compliment our standard heavy duty Classic rapstrap (2540S), we also produce a variant with a central stem guard (2540B). This version can be used for tree growing either by itself, or for affixing our highly innovative 2820 self-releasing tree ties to support stakes.

By combining elastomeric polymers with our patented cellular technology, all of our tree ties are both easy to fit and semi-elasticated by design. This combination allows the ties to stretch as the tree gets blown around with the wind - an important feature for strengthening the stem - and they can also expand to accommodate stem growth, thereby reducing the need for return visits to make adjustments.

For the ultimate in low-maintenance tree growing, our unique self-releasing tree ties are designed to automatically open when the tree stem reaches a predetermined size. Developed in conjunction with Biodegradable Plastic Products Ltd these tree ties are available in a soft 100% recycled material (TPU/PVC alloy), or from a custom biodegradable polymer blend supplied by Wittenburg.

All of our tree ties are designed to fit standard spacing collars & cushions (with 25mm slots), and are provided with screw holes along the centreline for easy attachment to stakes & supports etc. (Suitable flange-head screws are available separately.)

If you're planting smaller trees and using tree guards or shelters, our biodegradable i-Ties are an ideal choice for the conscientious grower.

Please note: These products are generally produced to order and lead-times may therefore apply.

Low-maintenance self-releasing tree ties

2820 - Self-Releasing

28mm x 200mm 
fits up to 35mm tree stems
100% recycled or biodegradable versions
low-maintenance "fit & forget" solution
expands with your tree
allows for wind movement
automatically releases after 2-3 years
fit using standard buckle tree ties or rapstrap 2540B

rapstrap Classic tree tie with stem guard

2540B - Semi-Elasticated

25mm x 400mm
100mm central stem guard
fits up to 35mm trees / 50mm stake
releasable / adjustable
biodegradable on request (blue)
or stock recycled (black)
trade bags of 10

Standard 420mm tree tie

2542 - Standard Non-Slip

25mm x 420mm
ridged surface for extra grip
fits up to 35mm trees / 50mm stake
releasable / adjustable
biodegradable on request (blue)
or stock recycled (black)
trade bags of 10


When installing our range of tree ties to supporting stakes, rapstrap recommends the use of flange-head screws. These create a more secure fixing and are less likely to pull through the securing holes when the tree is buffeted by the wind. (Screws are also easier to extract should the tie need adjusting or removing.)

Flange-head screws for tree ties

Installation Screws

4mm x 19mm self-tapping
10mm flange-head washer
anodized black
trade bags of 10

Tree tie spacer cushions

Tree Spacers/Cushions

large 40x40mm cushion blocks
made from recycled polyurethane
two 4mm x 30mm slots
screw mountable
fits standard 25mm buckle ties or 2540 rapstraps